What does it mean to “Let go of the need” and “Not be attached of the outcome”?

If you find yourself Worrying about the accomplishment of your Goal, that is your clue that you became “attached” to that outcome.

If you enjoy the activity in and of itself show that, although you still Want the outcome, you’re not attached to it and thus you can allow your Playful Creativity to emerge.

As a coach or therapist, what are you actually selling?

Have you ever tried to “make” someone produce a particular change? How did that go?

Does the physician “guarantee” that you will become healthy, after your visit? Does the teacher “know for a fact” that you will be a smart person after graduating?

What are they actually selling, for what are we paying them?

Sit for a second before traveling

Much has been said about “setting goals”, but little was emphasized about the danger of the Toxic Goals. How to prevent this from happening?

1. Instead of “what do I want to get”, think in terms of “what do I want to create” – it will put you into a more useful frame of mind.

2. Pay attention to the Feeling you have when contemplating that goal. Anything less than total congruency might reveal a toxic goal.

3. Put that thought “on the back of your mind” – allow your Unconscious Mind to guide your steps. . When you put a seed in the ground, it’s obviously foolish to uncover it time to time, just to check out if it sprouted yet.

4. When you are “doing the doing” be Present in the Now. Concern yourself only with the activity you are doing in that particular moment.

5. Take time off for Evaluating how you are doing – Evaluating and Doing are Not to be done in the same time.

3 pillars to Control your State and your Feelings

What do you think, is it possible for us to control our state, our feelings? Or, is it that the way we feel is determined by what happens to us, or by how other people treat us?

If you ever said “that person MAKES me feel angry, or upset”, “I can’t change the way I feel” or something similar, you probably could benefit from this message.

It may change your life…

The “science” of getting (un) stuck

Simplistically put, when we want to obtain a certain Result, we look at the situation at hand (the Context) and then we decide upon a way of action (the Rule we should apply). Our mind chooses a particular Rule, based on the fact that it worked well in the past, in a – more or less – similar Context.

However, sometimes it so happens that the Result is not the one that we wanted. But we continue to do the Same thing, applying the same Rule, over and over again, expecting a Different result (you know what they say about this, don’t you?)

What can we do about it?