Every moment, we silently ask ourselves “Is my body balanced?”

How do I know that?

If you would, please stand up, stand straight and pay attention to your body. You’ll notice that it doesn’t, actually, stay perfectly straight. Instead, it softly swings, ever so slightly, continuously coming back to its ‘straight position’. The body moves in and out of the ‘straight position’, all the time. It goes out of balance and then (since, at some level, our attention it is on the balance of the body) the body re-balance itself. This process goes on all the time, without us having to do anything in particular.

We learned (during the early stages of our life, when we made our first steps) that keeping some of our attention on the balance of our body it’s an important prerequisite for carrying a safe walking.

Unfortunately, nobody taught us to keep a balanced mind.

In fact, everybody around us (from parents to characters in the books and movies) is living under the control of their erratic mind and its nurtured emotions. In fact, we grew up under the belief that “if we feel something, that means it is True and we have to Act on it”. Moreover, since we identify with our mind, we blame other people, things and events as being the culprit for having those emotions and for our [erratic] thoughts, feelings and actions.

In other words, we move on through life tolerating and indulging an unbalanced mind. Then, we wonder why our lives grow so chaotically and why we produce so much [unnecessary] suffering.

What happens when you Stop for a moment and ask yourself:

“Is my mind Balanced, right now?”

Then simply Pay Attention. There’s nothing you need “to do”. Just as it [actually] happens with your body, the inner intelligence inside yourself, when left alone, it does know what to do to bring it back to the ‘optimally operating position’.

Here’s another helping question: “Is my mind Here and Now?”

Then wait and notice, without “thinking”. Just “contemplate”, “reflect”, “notice”.

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