Would you like to Connect?


This is for you, if you want to increase your ‘personal power’, your effectiveness as an influencer, a salesperson or as a change-worker.

I want to live in a world where people choose to Connect First, before even thinking about influencing or selling.

So, the question is: Are you Authentically Connecting with the person you’re talking with? Because, until you do, they will not allow themselves to feel any Value in whatever you’re suggesting them to do.

I teach Connection.


As a way of “paying forward” (rather than ‘paying back’, that is), every week I am coaching one person without asking anything of them, other than their full willingness to receive, to engage and ‘play full out’ with whatever the conversation chooses to unfold, to go deep in places that might feel uncomfortable or vulnerable – because that’s the only way for Transformation to happen. This will not be a conversation aimed to give you Information (you can find that all over internet). This is a conversation for Transformation. So, if you’re up to that, send me a message and we’ll meet online (I’ll send you a Zoom link). I’ll put aside 2 hours for you. Bring up your biggest challenge that you want to deal with, or your biggest dream you’d like to achieve. Consider what stands between you and that resolution you’d like to have, why you don’t have it already and let’s have an open conversation about that.


Note: I realize that, for some parts of the world, the 6.30 pm MST is not feasible (for instance, in UK would be 3.30 am!) . If that’s the case for you, let me know and let’s agree on a more ‘common sense’ time…


What's your opinion about it?

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