How Committed are you?


(this is a smaller overview on the subject. For a more expansive description, watch “How Committed are you #2)


What’s your Understanding of the concept of Commitment?
How do you feel when somebody asks you to ‘commit yourself’ to some action?

These days, Commitment is used as being about something external – a goal, a vision, a partner, etc. Also, it is used in a way that’s aimed to make you feel guilty and “less then…”, if you’re ‘not committed’…

I found that some people use it as a way to “motivate” somebody to make a decision… blaming them for ‘not being committed’…

… and that’s why I don’t really feel attracted to this word…
… and probably most people feel the same, since they are ‘not committed’… 🙂

But, what if Commitment is Not about that ‘external thing’, but about something internal, something within Ourselves?


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