Something that’s true for me – Controlling Reality




We don’t live in the Reality, but in our Experience of Reality… and we’re Creating that, Inside-Out, moment by moment…

To change your current Experience of Reality is to change who you Are Being, from Within.

Can you Control the outcome?

That’s the wrong question, and it’s not how it works. Life it’s an organic process, it cannot be ‘controlled’.

But you can ‘control’ your Doing. You can ‘control’ the fact that you are walking, but not what you’ll find at the end of your journey. You can ‘control’ the fact that you are talking, but not the effects of your words.

That’s Implicit Learning. We get better and better on how to Respond to patterns (so that to get closer to our outcome), but we cannot Predict the patterns.

And this is all there is to it…


Somebody said: “When you’re surfing, there’s nothing you can do to create waves. The skill of being a good surfer is riding the waves that come along.”

I hope that someday we’ll all escape this paradigm of “controlling life” and adopt Presence, realizing that our meaning is not to “make things happen’, but rather to Elegantly deal with whatever happens.



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