Something that’s true for me – Decisions



There’s no such thing as “the right decision”.

There’s no ‘fixed’ world ‘out-there’, that you need to carefully examine and make a decision that fits it perfectly… It’s just a continuous and organic unfolding, as a reflection of who we are being, moment by moment…

There’s only “the right Way to go about [whatever it is that you choose to do]”…

And that is “having Clarity of mind”… Presence. Connection. Understanding.




Something that’s true for me – Controlling Reality




We don’t live in the Reality, but in our Experience of Reality… and we’re Creating that, Inside-Out, moment by moment…

To change your current Experience of Reality is to change who you Are Being, from Within.

Can you Control the outcome?

That’s the wrong question, and it’s not how it works. Life it’s an organic process, it cannot be ‘controlled’.

But you can ‘control’ your Doing. You can ‘control’ the fact that you are walking, but not what you’ll find at the end of your journey. You can ‘control’ the fact that you are talking, but not the effects of your words.

That’s Implicit Learning. We get better and better on how to Respond to patterns (so that to get closer to our outcome), but we cannot Predict the patterns.

And this is all there is to it…


Somebody said: “When you’re surfing, there’s nothing you can do to create waves. The skill of being a good surfer is riding the waves that come along.”

I hope that someday we’ll all escape this paradigm of “controlling life” and adopt Presence, realizing that our meaning is not to “make things happen’, but rather to Elegantly deal with whatever happens.


Be Authentic, Be Natural



“Nature” means “that which happens by itself”.

It reasons to say that “behaving naturally” implies a behavior that is Not rigidly controlled by some outcome we may have.

It implies “flow”, “Play”, “letting go [of attachments]” and “Wu Wei – doing without doing”.

Obviously, we may have a Direction, an Intention (that is, Not an Expectation). However, when we “do the doing” – to the extent that we want to ‘be natural’ – we better “forget” about that Intention and our only “focus” should be Staying Present while taking action.


There’s no need to be afraid of your feelings

… and that means that there’s no need to “deal” with them, neither…

Think of this for a moment… Where do you think your Feelings are coming from?

We all accept Gravity as a normal and natural phenomenon. I didn’t hear of anybody to panic when they feel the pressure between their body and the chair they are sitting on, or the pressure on their soles as they walk around. Most of us don’t even pay attention to those sensations. We know that they are natural “side effects” of the Principle of Gravity (and other principles of physics).

We also know that those sensations cannot tell us anything about the rest of the things going on in our lives, in that moment. Maybe we’re just about to make a phone call, but we don’t take those sensations as “signs” of how the other person will respond to us, or if we should call them, in the first place…

We don’t freak out about those sensations and we don’t “do techniques” in order to “deal with them”… because we know they are a natural and normal ‘side effect’ of the Principle of Gravity at work in this moment.


Unfortunately, most people still believe that their Feelings (their Experience of life) comes from the external circumstances they are looking at: an upcoming exam, their bank account, a memory, a person they are talking with, and so forth. Then – because they don’t like those feelings – they “apply techniques” in order to “deal” with those feelings.

However, when you KNOW that those Feelings (i.e., your Experience) come from the Principle of Thought taking form in This moment, you can go on with your life ‘graciously ignoring them’ (just as you ignore the sensations coming from the Gravity principle) because it is clear to you that they have nothing to do with the rest of the things going on in your life in that moment.

More important than What you do, is The Place you’re Coming From when you do it

When you Consciously interfere with an Unconscious process, problems are created – try to Consciously consider and do all the movements you make while walking, and you’ll soon trip… 🙂

Creation, bringing something to existence is an Unconscious process. Certainly, you can Force things into existence, but – more often than not – harmony is destroyed.

Therefore, to Harmoniously create something in your life, rather than focusing on the Doing (i.e., what kind of external forces you should apply), focus on the Being (i.e., who you Are Being while taking that action).

Action IS necessary, but more important that What you do, is The Place you’re Coming From when you do that action.

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