The “science” of getting (un) stuck

Simplistically put, when we want to obtain a certain Result, we look at the situation at hand (the Context) and then we decide upon a way of action (the Rule we should apply). Our mind chooses a particular Rule, based on the fact that it worked well in the past, in a – more or less – similar Context.

However, sometimes it so happens that the Result is not the one that we wanted. But we continue to do the Same thing, applying the same Rule, over and over again, expecting a Different result (you know what they say about this, don’t you?)

What can we do about it?


How do you mean “Living in the Present”?

As response to a previous blog, “Taking Life As Is”, some people asked me “What does it mean?”, “How to do that?”

Obviously, this is a rich subject and a good book about it is “The Power of Now”, by Eckhart Tolle. My inner belief is that most of the problems we think we experience would mysteriously disappear when we just learn how to enjoy the moment. Simply let go of all the stories that keep pushing us back and forth, in the Past or in the Future.

“In the Now” there are no more stories. Our Ego is gone, since the only way it can survive is through those stories.

What stories am I talking about? “Speaking in public is scary”, “You’ll never make it”, “This is not for you, it’s only for the ‘other’ guys”, and so forth.

Perhaps you heard of the concept of Flow – in my opinion, there is a large overlap between these two stances. And, think for a moment: Flow was initially studied as a means to bring Happiness about. Then, they discovered that the same people seemed to be the most Successful, also. Go figure…