There is No Present?

You look at that moment from the Future, approaching, approaching… Ooops, the moment you looked for, it’s already gone, it’s Past already.

What does it mean, to “Live in the Moment”? Where is that “moment”?

This is a sample of Meta Model exercise. When you become too Conscious, too analytical and precise about Any concept, that concept slowly vanishes in thin air? Why? Because that concept is a construct, it is man-made and part of the universal self-hypnosis.

“The Tao that can be told
Is not the eternal Tao.”

Time, in and of itself, it’s a man-made concept, it’s a construct. As you start questioning it, it dissipates. The same goes for the concept of Present, and also for the concept of Past, or Future.

“Living in the Present moment” refers to that Tao that “cannot be told”. It is a way of Being.


3 thoughts on “There is No Present?

  1. We are supposed to live in the “Now”, in the “present”, but at the same time, the present lives between the future and the past. Your view on this is interesting, but at the same time it is still difficult for me to understand if the present, past, and future are all actually existing…because time is supposedly infinite and immeasurable.


    • You’re right in saying that it’s difficult to understand, because the paradox is that the more you try, the more you’ll not be able to. What you are trying to understand it with, is not capable of doing so. Just as “Tao”, the concept of “Present” just is, it’s eternal, so it can only be felt. It cannot be encapsulated within words.

      “Time”, on another hand, is a man-made concept, brought about by the Conscious mind. It’s easy to talk about Past or the Future, because we can quickly think of events that happened, or will happen.

      Stop for a moment, close your eyes and really do your best to catch when your next thought it’s going to show up. Just become really alert and attentive – you don’t know when it’s gonna come, so be very vigilant and observant, so to capture the exact moment when the next thought will appear. This is a state where you are still, focused inside, yet alert and attentive – it’s a state of Being in the Moment.

      Most probably you’ll wait for quite a bit before the next thought will emerge. That’s because ‘thoughts’ are products of your Conscious mind, which cannot exist ‘in the present’.

      Imagine this… Instead of the model where you walk through life, moving from Past, into Future, just as if you were on a trail, always moving, and moving only forwards – imagine that you are Still, into a big Moment of Eternal Present, and Everything around you (including you) are dynamically changing, transforming and evolving. (the image I have is that of a white fluffy cloud that changes shape continuously) You are not going anywhere, and you are completely curious to notice what’s going to happen next, being OK with whatever happens.

      But, again, don’t make the mistake of trying to understand this consciously. Rather, have an experience and feel the difference between feeling afraid (or guilty) and the state of total inner peace and tranquility, where everything just lets go.


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