But it’s only in my mind…

“It’s just a thought…”; “I just said that but I don’t really mean it…”; “Don’t dream, get real…” Many times we said that to ourselves or we heard it said to us. However, they constitute mini-pieces of self-hypnosis that silently nudge the direction of our lives. We are taught that “imagination is not real”. Is this for real?

If you can make me, then I’ll change…

Sometimes people find themselves between a rock and a hard place: they don’t like the way their reality looks like and they want IT to change, without THEM having to change anything. It’s a paradox and it’s part of being human.

This situation pressures them to ask for help, but they don’t do it wholeheartedly. Rather, they expect to be “forced” into change – just like looking for an ‘excuse’. The image that comes to mind is of a person moving forward while holding its head turned backwards.

That makes the transformation process a bit bumpy.

Everything would become nice and smooth if we were to just Allow ourselves to become that what we dream of.